Listed on this page are the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about our services. Click on a question to reveal the answer, or contact us for more information.

Are you guys open the weekend?

Our normal business hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. However, if a project needs
to be done we will just open our loading department.

What is the transit time for the shipment to arrive at destination port?

Depending on your location and destination country ocean transit time may vary from 15 days to 90 days.

Can I choose to get telex release instead of hard copy bill of lading because I am travelling right after my container is loaded?

Yes you can request a telex release instead of bill of lading. However, there is a fee associated with it. Also, this can only be done after the vessel sailed.

How much does it cost to ship a container internationally?

Container rates vary depending on your location. You need to contact us in order to get an accurate rate.

Can you pick up my vehicle from Copart or IAAI auction and export it?

Yes if you provide us the buyer number and lot number we can pick it up at the Copart or IAAI auction and delivered it to the port of export.

Can you help me with customs clearance in Dakar Senegal?

No, we only clear consolidated shipments in Dakar Senegal.

Will there be any costs at destination port to consider?

Yes, you will have to hire an agent in your country to clear custom. However, if you shipment was a groupage shipment to Dakar Senegal we will clear it for you.

Can you guys drop and pick the container at my residence or business so I can load it affronts my house?

Yes we can drop and pick at your residence but you will need to get approval from your city and also you will have to live in a neighborhood that has Wide Street for the trucker to drop the container. We have an alternative if your city clerk does not approve a container being dropped affront of your house. We can send a crew to come move your goods to our warehouse and we will properly organize and pack your belongings to sustain the rigor of ocean shipment.

When should I expect to receive my Bill of Lading?

Ocean carriers send us the Bill of Lading after the vessel sailed so this document will be remitted to you.

Can I ship a vehicle with a lien title?

No, you cannot ship a vehicle with a lien title. You will need the letter from the lien holder to be signed.

Can I ship a vehicle with an Copart bill of sale only?

  1. Certificate of Title or Salvage Certificate is required to export a vehicle from the US. Billof Sale, Junk Title or For Parts Only will not be accepted by most US custom agents
  2. If you are using Senshipping as your freight forwarder we recommend that you contact us before you buy so we can advise you.

Can I track my container?

Yes you can track your container on our website or you can request the link and we will email it to you.

Do you provide instant quote?

Yes, if you request via email at

What are the risks associated with ocean shipment?

There are couple of risk associated with an ocean shipment to consider or at least ask advise from your international freight forwarder.

  1. Custom Exam
  2. Improper loading of household goods personal effects and cars.